An essay is simply a progress report from one’s thoughts,
refracted through the grimy isinglass of words. (JV)


The mind of the terrorist

Arguing with an idealogue is like playing chess with a baby. One always wins, but the baby never knows. (JV)

How to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Multiple choice quiz:

The National Football league is:

a.          Like an antebellum plantation, mostly run by unfit white men who make a profit by controlling the bodies of fit African American men
b.          Abbreviated NFL
c.          Apparently trying to dodge moral responsibility for failing to alert young players about the long-term dangers of concussions despite the availability of scientific evidence at least since the publications of Osnato and Giliberti in 1927.
d.         A type of squirrel from Borneo
e.          a – c





Free will